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How many photos will we get?

Do you visit the venue beforehand?

I don't give a 'set number' of photos I hand over so the more things there are to photograph the more photos you will receive. That's the beauty of digital. But if I had to give you an estimate, you'll receive at least 450/500 photos regardless of which package you go for.

Visiting the venue beforehand isn't necessary no. Photography is all about the light which can completely change depending on the weather and even the time of year. However, I'll usually arrive a little before I'm scheduled to start shooting to have a walk around when I arrive to decide where I want to shoot later.



Do you offer engagement sessions?

How long will we need wait for photos to be ready?

Delivery time can vary depending on the time of year but my average delivery time is within 4-6 weeks.

Absolutely! Some of my packages include an engagement session or can be added on later.



How long would an engagement session last?

Are you insured?

The session will last a couple of hours and usually timed a couple hours before sunset for what photographers like to call 'the golden hour' which is usually the best light of the day. The session usually takes place at a local country park or a place that means something to you.

Yes! I have public liability and indemnity insurance as well insurance on all of my equipment.



Do we get copyright of the images?

What if you're unwell and can't photograph our wedding?

You will be given full, printing rights. What this means exactly is you'll be able to print, copy or share your images as much as you for you like for your personal use. That also means you cannot use your wedding photos for commercial/profitable gain. To help prevent fraudulent use of the images or theft etc I will retain copyright.

In the VERY UNLIKELY event I'm too ill and can't make it to your wedding, I will help you find a suitable replacement. I often use second shooters on weddings so my first point of contact would be one of my personal second shooters who know exactly how I work. I can still edit the photos but after 10 years of shooting weddings, this has never happened!



Do you offer discounts for non-peak seasons

Do you offer albums?

Yes I do! If you're getting married between October - March, I will happily offer you a discount on any package by 20%. Perfect for tighter budgets.

Absolutely! I offer fine art, lay flat albums which is printed on the finest detailed paper and ink money can buy. If you book my top package, you enjoy 50% off any album or 35% off if you book package 2. I even offer replica/parent albums, which are 6x6" versions of your main album. Various sizes are available. TAP HERE TO LEARN MORE



We're really private people and would prefer you didn't post any photos online... is that okay?

Do we need to give you a list of specific family group shots we would like?

Of course! I never post without your permission.

3 months before your wedding I will email you a questionnaire to fill in which includes a question about any specific family group shots you may want so I have a safe record of it.



What if I want to book, but I'm not sure which package to go for just yet?

All sounds great! How can I book?

No problem, in this instance I would take £1000 deposit to secure your date and your TBC package can be chosen at a later time. The balance of your chosen package can then be paid no later than 30 days before your wedding day.

GREAT! If you want to book, I take a 50% booking fee of your chosen package. I'll then send over your contract via email which you and your partner can both sign electronically! Easy! Once I've received your paperwork and deposit, only then your date will be secured in the diary. Unfortunately, due to demand, I cannot pencil or hold a date. The remaining 50% outstanding would need to be paid no later than 30 days before your wedding day.

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